Different Types of Security Cameras

Home security systems are becoming increasingly popular and with that popularity, comes plenty of options. So which security camera is best for your home? It depends on your needs and budget. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of the most popular options:

Wireless Cameras

Wireless security cameras are easy to install and generally send alerts to your phone in real-time. A few drawbacks of wireless cameras are that they are easy to steal (since they aren’t hard-wired into your home) and must be installed fairly close to your Wi-Fi router to work. You also need to pay close attention to battery levels because if your wireless camera doesn’t have a hardwired power source and you don’t charge it in time, it won’t be capturing any video.

Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell cameras are not wireless but rather, are wired into your doorbell. These cameras are a great option to catch motion in front of your door but, they aren’t going to catch motion much beyond that area. This is a cheap and easy-to-install security camera option. Just be aware that the area it’s going to capture is limited to right next to your door. It’s worth pairing a device like this with other security cameras rather than relying on it for your home’s security.

Wired Security Cameras

Most of the drawbacks of wireless and doorbell cameras are solved with wired security cameras. Wired security cameras are far more difficult to steal, don’t need to be located near your Wi-Fi router, can be placed just about anywhere around your home, and aren’t reliant on you taking them down to recharge them.

These wired systems are generally more expensive and difficult for DIY installation. However, wired security system installation will give you peace of mind knowing you will have clear, crisp video footage anywhere and anytime you need it around your home.

Combining Security Devices

A great home security system isn’t just about having one type of device, it’s about combining tools to make sure your home is fully protected. Your security system needs to be comprehensive to be effective, including different camera types, motion sensing, lighting, logs of who has accessed your home, and more.

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