Choosing the Right Company for Your Home Theater Installation

Getting ready to install a home theater in your Southwest Florida home? Here are the steps you should take to find the best audio video installation services in your area.

Opt For Experience

When you search for “audio video installation near me” go ahead and open at least a few of the websites that pop up. It’s time to do a comparison! First things first, go to the “About Us” page of each website and read about each company’s experience. How many years has each company been in the audio video industry? What brands do these companies have experience working with? Are those the brands you are most interested in having installed in your home theater? After all, it’s not only important to find an audio video installer with decades of experience, it’s also important they are experienced in installing the type of equipment you are most interested in buying or have already bought!

Read The Reviews

Next up, navigate to the reviews page of the audio video installer’s website. For example, for Elite Audio & Visual, you can find our reviews under the “About” tab. Read through at least a few reviews for each company and take note not only of how positive the reviews are but also, what things customers point out as being exceptional during their audio video installation. You will want to find an audio visual installer that is commended for doing the things that you find most important during install!

On Elite Audio & Visual’s HomeAdvisor review page, you’ll not only notice that 99% of customer’s recommend Elite Audio & Visual but also that customers rave about the punctual, professional, and efficient installation services. “It was perfect,” said one customer. “On time, top notch execution, friendly, responsive. Will hire again!”

Ask For a Free Quote

Once you’ve narrowed down your search by reading reviews and comparing experience levels— it’s time to ask for quotes! Elite Audio & Visual is happy to provide you with a free quote for home theater installation in Southwest Florida and further discuss your needs. Give us a call at (239) 821-7532 to learn more!