Best Places in Your Home to Mount Your TV

Not all wall spaces are created equal when it comes to TV mounting or home theater installation! Make sure you choose the best place for your new TV or big screen, using these tips!

A Little Extra Elbow Room

The first decision you need to make is deciding which wall you will want to use to mount your TV. This wall should have enough room so you have full motion once the TV mount is on, allowing you to adjust your TV in all directions to get the perfect angle.

It will also allow you more space to install other home theater essentials like a soundbar and other surround systems controls.

No Squinting or Neck Craning

Install your home theater screen or TV somewhere that’s comfortable to watch it from. You don’t want to be craning your neck to get a good view of the screen or end up squinting through glaring sunlight to watch your favorite show!

Install it at a height that’s comfortable to watch from the couch and preferably, not a western-facing wall that will catch the setting sun when you’re trying to relax at night. Elite Audio & Visual offers home theater installation in Fort Myers and most of SWFL, so we can help you mount your TV just right.

Install Into Studs

Not all your walls can comfortably accommodate a TV, much less a home theater. If you mount the TV without enough wall support, it could come toppling down, causing thousands in damage to your walls and TV.

If you aren’t sure how to install your TV correctly into the studs of your wall, call a professional to help. At Elite Audio and Visual, we help you through the process of installation and make sure it is done safely and securely.

Leave TV Mounting to The Pros

Get your home theater installation done right. Contact Elite Audio & Visual to enhance your entertainment experience and watch your favorite movies and shows with better video and sound quality. Not ready for a home theater? We also help our customers mount their TV professionally and install sound surround systems.

For more information on audio and video enhancement, contact us today! We’d be happy to help!